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Itemizer is a small application that lets you define attribute sets for (C)RPG items,... Details

Beagle Item Tracker is designed to track and manage all your items. Although initially... Details

List Item Ranking is an invaluable and easy-to-use add-on that enables users to... Details

Reliability Analysis Software, ITEM ToolKIt is a suite of comprehensive prediction and... Details

List items are stored in SharePoint by default in the order in which they were created.... Details

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1. Itemizer - Generic (C)RGP item editor 0.22 Itemizer is a small application ... sets for (C)RPG items, create item catalogs from these sets and edit the item data in the catalogs. Itemizer can also be used ... DetailsDownload 

2. Beagle Item Tracker 1.0 Beagle Item Tracker is designed to ... and manage all your items. Although initially designed for ... Beagle to track any items you have. Beagle works ... simple principle that an Item is in the care ... DetailsDownload 

3. SharePoint List Item Ranking 1.2.825.5 ... rank rearrangement for list items. SharePoint users are allowed to reorder items or folders manually for ... most users. SharePoint List Item Ranking has considerably extended ... 1.Supports fully manual item rank rearrangement in all ...... DetailsDownload  - Screenshot

Tags: sharepoint list , Sharepoint Items , Sharepoint Item Sort , Sharepoint Web Parts

4. Item ToolKit 7.0 Reliability Analysis Software, ITEM ToolKIt is a suite ... one module to another. ITEM ToolKit has standardized many ... DetailsDownload 

5. SharePoint List Item Sort Feature 1.0 List items are stored in SharePoint ... be modified for an item to move up or ... simply. The SharePoint List Item Sort Feature by Layer2 ... DetailsDownload  - Screenshot

Tags: sharepoint , Webpart , web part , Moss , WSS , feature , solution , List Item Sort , sort , order

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1. SharePoint Document & Item Reordering 1.3.1221.47 SharePoint Document & Item Reordering is a new ... need to access an item every day, or to ... patters. SharePoint Document & Item Reordering allows for rearranging the order of items or folders in the ... be sent to top, items that are no... DetailsDownload  - Screenshot

Tags: Sharepoint Items , Sharepoint Web Part , Sharepint List Item Order , sharepoint document

2. Flash News Scroller 1.01 ... Over Event;- Default News Item Pause;- Individual Pause for every News Item (Pit Stop); 2) News ... Over Event;- Default News Item Pause;- Individual Pause for every News Item (Pit Stop); 3) General ... DetailsDownload  - Screenshot

Tags: smooth news movement , news item pit , news item pause , news flow speed , news flow direction , mouse over event , item pit stop , flow speed control , flow direction control , every news item , default news item

3. Eclat for Linux 3.76 ... program to find frequent item sets (also closed and ... determines the support of item sets by intersecting transaction ... can only find frequent item sets, not association rules ... does not support the item clustering described by (Zaki ... DetailsDownload 

Tags: find frequent item sets , frequent item sets finder , eclat algorithm implementation , find , finder , implement

4. SharePoint Item Permission Batch 4.4.509.2 Assign item-level permissions to users ... user groups for all items in a SharePoint list ... per-list or per-item basis; Remove all custom ... the SharePoint administrator. SharePoint Item Permission Batch has greatly ... DetailsDownload  - Screenshot

Tags: Sharepoint Permissions , Sharepoint List Item Permission , Sharepoint Services , Sharepoint 2007 , Sharepoint List Items , Sharepoint 2007 List , List In Sharepoint

5. RElim 3.54 ... program to find frequent item sets (also closed and ... Things Simple: Finding Frequent Item Sets by Recursive Elimination ... Simple Algorithms for Frequent Item Set Mining Christian Borgelt ... to mine fuzzy frequent item sets (which is... DetailsDownload 

Tags: data structure analysis , analyze data structure , find frequent item sets , analyzer , finder , find

Item Card in Software Short Description

1. Now Doing 1.0 ... you to focus on items, tasks and ideas one ... the list and check items as they are completed ... done by showing one item at a time. * Quickly add an item when it comes to ... edit, reorder and delete items ** Reuse items by unchecking... DetailsDownload  - Screenshot

2. SWTOR Quartermaster HD 1.1.1 ... database of all the items that can be found ... Republic. It contains every item in existance as well ... make an appearance. The items are categorized by type ... most gains from the item as well as an ... DetailsDownload  - Screenshot

3. Price Calculator by Unit Price & Weight 1.1 ... app calculates a grocery item price by a unit price and item weight. You can generate the next item price easily by changing ... 015 per pound * Item Weight: 8 pound * ... entered, app generates the item's price: $27.50. 3 ... to generate... DetailsDownload  - Screenshot

4. Simple Outliner 3.1.5 ... screen. - To edit an item, double tap it. - To ... note, wipe left an item. - To change an item into folder, double tap ... outline level of an item, shift it horizontally. - To delete or copy an item, wipe it right. - To add an item, double... DetailsDownload  - Screenshot

5. ConstructMap 4.6 beta ... IRT engine for estimating item and person parameters with ... scale, or partial credit items in between-item (each response is an ... single dimension) or within-item (a response may be ... align person estimates with item estimates on a... DetailsDownload 

Item Card in Software Long Description

1. Card Smarts 1.1.0 ... Maybe there is an item available at a flash ... hard part. Your credit cards aren't maxed out, so ... it? Will a $79 item end up costing you ... higher. This is where Card Smarts comes in. Enter ... DetailsDownload  - Screenshot

2. Ghost-Card 1.2 ... app requires an additional item (see below) and works ... First he removes a card from a deck, holds ... photo of both the card and spectator. He then ... later," replaces the card in the deck, and ... DetailsDownload  - Screenshot

3. Learn Spanish and Speak Espanol 2.7 ... of playback for each item. The InstantSpeak method uses a unique audio flash card system that allows you ... through a lesson, the items from that lesson can ... added to a flash card section of the program for review. Items from all sections... DetailsDownload  - Screenshot

Tags: unique audio flash , flash card system , flash card section , audio flash card , flash card , unique audio , review items , program contains , each lesson , each item , card system

4. LIMIT (Escape Game) 2.5 ... the next stage! Various items in the maze (maps ... were lost an ID-Card to use by an ... were lost an ID-Card to use by an ... for two minutes. Various items drop on the floor ... DetailsDownload  - Screenshot

5. LunchTime 1.4 ... 1. Match the food card with food item at the under screen ... Once you push a card, cards horizontal and vertical to the card will turn. 3. You ... DetailsDownload  - Screenshot

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